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Online exposure is important, but at the heart of online marketing is one main objective: SALES. If your online presence isn’t generating sales, it’s not being done properly. Leapfrog Media employs world class methods to give you a clear advantage over your competitors. But we also have a vested interest in growing your profits.

When you invest in us, you can be sure that we will invest time, effort and skill in you and into your enterprise. That’s our commitment and we’re dedicated to it.

But when do you get the time to work on your online exposure and marketing strategies? You’ve got a business to run! What you need is affordable SEO services to help you manage those essential practices. After all, without a clear direction for your online marketing, your company simply will not grow.

So are you the type of manager who wants to be involved in our SEO process and learn from us? Or would you prefer to leave it to us to deliver results? Either way, Leapfrog Media is ready to jump in and carry you to the top.

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Australia is Google’s fourth fastest growing market! Are you seeing the benefits of this market? Team up with Leapfrog Media and claim your position. Our sole mission is to make you stand out from your competitors and multiply your profits. Here are three ways we achieve this.

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Affordable SEO Packages – Australia

All companies are different, but every single one can somehow benefit from SEO strategies. Leapfrog Media has tailored four immensely helpful SEO packages—and one of them is made for YOU. All of them possess the essentials, but some are more specialised in areas you may require. Give us a call or drop us an email to find out which package would best fit your company needs.

Is your business small and intimate? We have a basic package that will maintain your online presence and give you a competitive edge. Want to take your company to an international level? Check out our more advanced SEO packages and watch us elevate you to the top!

SEO Audit & Technical Recommendations

Want to find out how you compare with your online competitors? Allow us to do an SEO audit and recommend a strategy that will see you to the top. All it takes is Leapfrog’s keen eye to see where you can improve.

Local SEO

Most internet users are looking for products or services within their immediate area. Is your website visible to these users or are you missing out on this huge market? Let us help you reach your full local potential.

Link Building

Leapfrog makes use of white hat link building to optimise your visibility for search engines. This has a lot to do with content creation, and we have the tools and the talent to boost your search rank.

Keyword Research

Keywords play a crucial role in Search Engine Optimisation. We will focus in on the most popular keywords, key phrases and long-tail keywords within your industry and shape your website around those results.

SEO Copywriting

There’s a science to writing web content that optimises you for search engines. Leapfrog Media has a team of talented writing professionals to elevate your content and make it shine.


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A Leapfrog Media, we understand that cost can be the most significant prohibitive factor when it comes to taking your business to the next level, which is why we offer our clients high-quality, affordable SEO. You may be disappointed with your website’s performance and have turned to other cheap SEO companies who have failed to deliver on their promises. As the leading SEO company in Australia, we will conduct a full audit of your website and explain the changes we can make and the results you can expect.

Online Presence

Having a significant online presence is crucial to generating leads that can be turned into conversions and sales. We adopt the latest techniques that other cheap SEO companies may not know, and by using the industry’s best practices, we will give you the edge over your competitors.

As the top SEO company in Sydney, top SEO company in Perth, top SEO company in Brisbane, top SEO company in Adelaide and top SEO company in Melbourne, we have a vested interest in your success. This client-focused approach means that when you invest in us, we will invest time, effort, and skill into transforming your enterprise.

Why choose an SEO company in Australia?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they can do their SEO alone. Cheap SEO in Australia may have let them down, or the cheap SEO may not have been cheap enough! However, do you know the latest techniques required or the time to write quality content or build high-quality links? It is here where an affordable SEO company can let you focus on running your business whilst we deliver the results that you dream about. We give your online marketing clear direction and use proven strategies with our teams monitoring results.

When you choose an SEO company in Sydney, an SEO company in Perth, an SEO company in Brisbane, an SEO company in Adelaide and an SEO company in Melbourne, such as Leapfrog Media, you will benefit from our experience and knowledge. You will find that our teams are flexible, friendly and explain the salient points in terms you understand. We work with you to achieve your objectives, setting tangible periodic goals along the way. Our high-quality, affordable SEO will revolutionise your bottom-line.

Leapfrog Media is a Search Engine Optimisation company that is committed to helping Australian businesses grow. For all businesses, from the brand-new family run enterprise to established corporations, at Leapfrog, we understand the importance of being highly visible online. As the foremost SEO company in Australia, we can work with you to enhance your online marketing, giving you the edge over your competitors – which will result in greater revenue profits for you.

Our team of dedicated professionals have a wealth of experience and have developed systems of working that make us not only the best, but also the most affordable of SEO companies servicing Sydney and the whole of Australia. And unlike some other cheap SEO companies in Australia, we will deliver on out promise to help your business flourish.

We offer a flexible approach to our clients which allows us to tailor our management of each business’s individual needs, but our well-practiced and trusted working systems become less labour intensive over time, to the point that they are nearly self-sustaining. This keeps our costs down and combined with our month-by-month contract this makes us truly the most affordable of SEO services in Australia.

SEO services are now proven to be one of the most effective tools for developing and maintaining a successful business and Leapfrog Media is the leading SEO company providing service far and wide, Brisbane to Perth, Melbourne to Adelaide and of course Sydney.


Our cheap SEO packages in Australia are designed to meet your needs, and our extensive range of services means that we can help you challenge for the top places on Google. As your business grows, we have packages that will grow with you, improving your organic SEO whilst also utilising Pay per Click (PPC).

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If you have been searching for an SEO company in Sydney, an SEO company in Perth, an SEO company in Brisbane, an SEO company in Adelaide and an SEO company in Melbourne, then you have come to the right place! Our tailor-made cheap SEO packages are designed for you. To find out more, call us 02 8011 3047, email admin@leapfrog-media.com or contact us directly via our website.

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When customers are searching for new products or services they invariably do so on line, which is why it is so important that your business has an online presence that is effective and efficient. An ineffective website may be the only barrier preventing your business from reaching its true potential, but it takes a highly trained and developed eye to be able to distinguish a website that engages customers from one that merely looks good.

At Leapfrog Media, we provide affordable SEO services to businesses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and across all of Australia, that can maximise your business opportunities. Our talented and experienced team specialise in helping small business enterprises grow through a number of proven strategies that enhance the online face of your business, resulting in increased revenues. 

Marketing is often an area that suffers most when the budget for a growing enterprise is tight, and despite delivering a world class service we appreciate the need for, and thus provide, a cheap SEO service in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and elsewhere in Australia. With a selection of packages carefully designed to meet every need, Leapfrog can help you surpass and stay ahead of your competitors without the need to be tied in to long unwieldy contracts tying you down.

Hundreds of companies have benefitted from our help and intervention; don’t let yours be one that flounders for the sake of a small but smart investment in Leapfrog – the number one cheap and affordable SEO company serving Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and all Australia.