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Most businesses now acknowledge that Pay per Click (PPC) forms an integral part of online marketing. At Leapfrog Media, we have purpose-built packages designed to ensure that your website is visible online. PPC in Sydney, PPC in Brisbane, PC in Perth, PPC in Melbourne and PPC in Adelaide is one of the most effective ways of increasing brand awareness in the shortest period. Why is it so effective? The answer is simple; you are advertising on the search engines themselves, so they want you to be visible; it generates them more income!

What can PPC ads do for you?

At Leapfrog Media, we have designed an affordable PPC service that guarantees you the best return on your investment (ROI). We created packages that reduce your spend in dollars while delivering maximum returns. We expertly time when listings can be seen and ensure that they are available to your target audience.

We can do this because our team of experts hail from various industries, cutting across different sectors. Unlike other SEO companies offering PPC in Sydney or PPC in Melbourne, we understand what you want to achieve and who makes up your target audience market. Combining the perfect blend of industry and marketing knowledge, we can target the right audience, not a wide audience and avoid a scattergun approach to increase your chances of business conversions.

We select relevant PPC keywords which will get your website noticed. Our teams monitor data and analyse results tweaking our strategies to meet market changes. Effective use of data is a critical element of our packages and means that when you choose our PPC in Brisbane, PPC in Perth or PPC in Adelaide, we bring you visible results.

Dominate search results using PPC

When most people think about PPC, they immediately assume that we are talking solely about Google AdWords or perhaps Facebook. However, PPC campaigns can be run across a multitude of different platforms, including other search engines and social media networks. We have a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects and can manage your campaigns on your behalf, monitoring results to ensure that you build brand awareness.

Another PPC area that is increasing in popularity is Ad Remarketing, which allows you to specifically target potential buyers who have searched previously for products or services that you offer. Of course, by targeting someone already interested, you can increase your chances of a conversion exponentially.

Affordable PPC in Australia

We fully appreciate that cost is a huge element in spending your marketing budget, so at Leapfrog Media, we offer affordable PPC. You can be confident that with us by your side, your advertisements and landing pages are professionally optimised through meticulous keyword research. We continually strive to ensure that your brand is not only visible but has a prominent presence from the start and into the future.

What are the features of our affordable PPC Campaigns?

  • High impact strategies embracing your business goals
  • Professional keyword analysis conduct by experts
  • Continual monitoring of PPC campaigns using facts and data; making modifications where necessary
  • Quality, visible results achieved even for those with limited budgets
  • Targeted campaigns across all the primary search engines and social media

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