Leapfrog Media believes that on top of our goal to fully deliver our services in an efficient and practical way, customer satisfaction determines how valuable and effective SEO packages are.

Here at Leapfrog Media, we offer tailored SEO packages that aim to provide you with exactly what you want and need, while showing you how SEO works and how it will affect your website positively. This way, our hand-in-hand tie-up will result to a much more rewarding outcome: knowing you are fulfilled in all aspects.

Using the most balanced and effective combinations of keyword targeting, website optimisation, fresh, unique and top quality content, and other essential factors for a complete online marketing strategy, Leapfrog Media will make sure that your preferences are put in front. Before creating a marketing plan for you, First we will do a complete website audit and full website investigation to see your websites history , potential and needs. This is where we will base our plans to reach our end goal, which is to increase your website’s online presence, and boost your sales and profits in return.

Affordability and practicality combined with customer satisfaction make up our company’s main objectives. We want to make our clients happy, and we want them to see how their websites are improving, thus our regular reporting every two weeks from a dedicated account manager. We are excited to build a long term partnership with you, and we will do this by proving to you our expertise in taking your website to Google’s page 1 within a short period of time using the most targeted keywords. If you want great, and SEO optimised content that will make your website look as professional as can be, Leapfrog Media guarantees to deliver only top-quality, 100% original and error-free content.

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