Does your website generate the traffic that you crave? Sadly, for most people, the answer is no. Your site may look fantastic; navigating through the pages is straightforward and responsive, but its returns are sadly disappointing. We appreciate that there are many web design companies in Australia, so why should you choose a company that also offers online marketing? The simple answer is that we are the best when it comes to cheap web design in Australia! We are in the unique position of combining high-quality web design with vast digital marketing experience.

By choosing Leapfrog Media, you will get a superbly designed, which has also been optimised for SEO. Our web design company in Australia marries together the latest technical knowledge with innovative marketing strategies to deliver results that not only meet your expectations but surpass them. Our team of expert copywriters produce carefully placed content and incorporate modern themes and images that capture the imagination and are also optimised. With many factors to consider, you need cheap web design in Australia, which also utilises marketing expertise.

How do I know that I will see results?

One of the critical factors with both SEO and web design is ensuring that your stunning new website is visible to others, and this involves selecting the right keywords in your content. On our site, you will see examples of our work, but how do you know that others will see them? Below we have listed just a few of our keywords, so our content includes them. As you can see, they are all quite similar, but this is to ensure your website is visible to your target audience.

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What factors do we take into consideration when designing your website?

As the leading website design company in Sydney offering top class web design in Melbourne, we understand that when developing a website, we must take several factors into account. For example, we need to ensure that page loading speeds are instant; anything less will lead to high bounce rates. Your site must be easy to navigate so users can quickly find what they are looking for. It may sound straightforward, but it also involves complex programming, which requires extensive knowledge and experience. With over 20 years of combined experience as a web design company in Perth offering web design in Brisbane, we are confident that we provide the complete package.

Listening to Google

When we do any web design in Sydney or web design in Adelaide, we listen to what Google demands for its users. It means that our sites are responsive to Google’s latest updates, and we can guarantee that you will have an impressive website that will be propelled to the top of the rankings.


Does your company demand an e-commerce website? It is becoming increasingly popular with more users buying goods or services online and having them delivered directly to their door. At Leapfrog Media, we will demonstrate how you can increase your profits with an easy-to-use shopping cart system. As the leading web design company in Brisbane and the leading web design company in Melbourne, we are highly adept at producing world-class e-commerce websites that will impress your customers and blow away the competition.

Cheap web design Australia

Of course, we appreciate that cost is a critical factor in web design in Perth or anywhere in the world. That is why, as the best web design company in Adelaide, we offer our clients a variety of payment plans to match their budget. You can spread payments over multiple payments, making our website design in Australia affordable.  

Why choose Leapfrog Media?

We understand that with modern tools, anyone can build a website, but does it portray the image you want to present, and perhaps more importantly, does it generate long-term business? Our comprehensive knowledge of programming, web design and SEO means creating a website that will deliver the results and not just look pretty.

We offer ongoing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) packages that ensure that your website doesn’t just get to the top of the rankings; it stays there. We use social media to promote websites to increase visibility in the early days and run cost-effective Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. Thanks to our broad knowledge base and our vast experience, we know what is needed to make your website and brand stand out.

Our affordable web design service in Australia includes ensuring that your website is mobile compatible. Unlike some web design companies in Australia, we evolve with the latest trends and appreciate that most searches are now done on mobile devices. In fact, if your website isn’t mobile compatible, it won’t make the top of the Google rankings.

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Affordable SEO Services in Australia
Affordable SEO Services in Australia

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