This is the most comprehensive and involved professional SEO package at Leapfrog Media. Despite the fact that it has so much more than our other packages, it is still one of the most affordable SEO packages Australia has to offer. We put a lot of work into your online marketing campaigns and make sure that everything is done to rank you as high as possible.

Established businesses deserve only the most reliable and tested SEO services in the industry.

Leapfrog Media offers affordable yet professional SEO packages for those who want effective and ethical online marketing. The Internet has brought more and more people together, with millions of people online every day, it is vital to make use of different online platforms and strategies in order to reach out to these people more effectively, and reach your maximum potential in terms of sales and profits.

There’s a lot to analyse in terms of your website and general online reputation. We go through all of this and check to see whether you are adhering to all of Google’s best practices. All mistakes are immediately corrected and new features quickly put into place to help you rank better.

We then put a whole lot of work into re-working your content. Your website content is replaced with catchy, Google-friendly content and in some cases it’s even repositioned to make it more readable. 20 industry-relevant keywords (many of them long-tail keywords) are targeted for your website. We also take over your blog section and create weekly blogs that are informative, original and optimised for search engines.

In-depth link campaigns are also conceptualised, designed and implemented. With lots of valid links distributed throughout the internet, your site will gain a heightened domain authority and automatically rank higher than usual.

Your online marketing campaigns will be given the upmost attention throughout the month. Bi-weekly reports are sent with detailed comparisons, strategy reports and future recommendations. The account manager assigned to you will do all the work on your behalf. You don’t have to lift a finger. Just sit back and enjoy the positive results your SEO campaign has on your business.

This is a bells-and-whistles approach to SEO, it is not simply carrying out the latest trends. Leapfrog Media has been implementing SEO strategies for as long as it’s been around and we know what works and what doesn’t. In order to give your company the best chance it has against your competitors, the methods contained in this package must be carried out by our Australian SEO experts.

Leapfrog Media’s Professional SEO Package Includes:

  • A total of 20 targeted keywords
  • Onsite optimisation
  • Top quality homepage and inner pages of content provided, regularly updated, and evaluated
  • High quality contextual backlinks
  • High quality editorial contextual backlinks
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blog Creation
  • A dedicated account manager to take care of your online marketing strategies
  • Reporting every 2 weeks
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