Leapfrog Media’s Starter SEO Package is ideal for small companies and those who are new to digital marketing.

This package has two major objectives, amongst all others, namely, to allow small companies and digital marketing newbies to build and significantly increase their online presence, as well as enable them to experience, test, and prove our expertise without taking any risk.

Small businesses and anyone who is new to digital marketing can be a bit apprehensive about investing in online marketing services and packages. This is because most of them have not yet seen the positive effects and significant advantages of such services. And this is exactly why our Starter Package exists—to introduce them to the wonders of effective SEO marketing for increasing their sales and profits.

There are a number of reasons you may be tempted to try our starter package. First, you may not be 100% convinced in SEO—and want to risk the least amount of money trying it out. Second, you may only have a small business, and don’t feel like you have much room to grow. Thirdly, you simply don’t have the budget for a more advanced package.

These are all valid reasons. But bear in mind that while our SEO starter package may be mild, but it has proven to be highly effective for Australian business owners. Leapfrog Media will do a website audit and find areas where your general online presence can be improved upon.

We start off by targeting 10 keywords that are relevant to your industry. Some of these are long-tail keywords and some are more generic. With the keywords we target, we check out the competition too. If that particular keyword is overused by your competitors, we make a call on whether or not it’s worth pursuing.

Then we look at your website content and implement the keyword research to improve the site’s ranking. Original content is written by our copywriters and loaded onto your site. We also incorporate high quality backlinks so that your domain authority is recognised by search engines.

In all your dealings with us, we provide you with a go-to accounts manager who will be available to you at all times. More importantly, we update you on the progress of your website every two weeks.

Leapfrog Media’s Starter Package includes:

  • 10 most relevant keywords to be targeted
  • Onsite optimisation
  • High quality, original, 100% error-free homepage content provided
  • High quality and efficient contextual backlinks
  • A dedicated account manager who will focus on your company’s particular online marketing
  • Regular reporting every 2 weeks to keep you updated on your website’s progress
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