How to Remove Writer’s Block

Writing blogs and content for your site can be difficult – especially when comes to covering something new. Of course, you want your content to be interesting and unique but understandably that doesn’t always come easily. We all suffer from writer’s block from time to time so here are a few tips that may help you to overcome the problem.

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  1. Have a Plan

Can you remember when you back at school and your teachers told you how to write a story? They would say that it needed a beginning, middle and end. In order to achieve this, you need some sort of plan and know where you are heading before you start. If you just start with a blank page, you will almost inevitably encounter writer’s block. Simply make a few notes and plan a structure and you will find everything a whole lot easier.

  1. You Don’t Have to Start at the Beginning!

Sometimes the first few sentences of a blog or article are the hardest to write so you may be starting to struggle before you have even begun. If you have a structure, and a plan as mentioned in point #1, there is no reason why you can’t start in the middle or the end and write the beginning last.

  1. Get Ideas From Others

For most of us, writing is something that is done on our own, sat in a quiet room tapping away on a keyboard. In reality, it needs to be done like this but it does mean that you may lack inspiration. Others may be able to help you overcome writer’s block by making a few simple suggestions that you hadn’t thought of. Who knows where their ideas may lead?

  1. Change Where You Write

Again tied in with point #3. When you are writing alone and in the same environment you can quickly become devoid of new ideas. You could try and move to a different room, move into the garden or just head for somewhere completely new. These new influences may give you added inspiration about what you are going to write, thus alleviating writer’s block.

  1. Avoid Distractions

If you have the TV turned on or your mobile next to you the chances are you will easily get distracted. You may receive a message or an email that you feel you must respond to or you hear an interesting topic on the TV. All of these distractions can lead to writer’s block and not achieving what you want to achieve.

  1. Read Other’s Content to Gain Inspiration

The simple fact is, most of the interesting things have already been written about in some form. Writing new content is not about re-inventing the wheel. We are not talking about plagiarising another person’s work, just getting ideas and putting a new spin on what they have written. Most of the best writers take this approach in one form or another.

  1. Write When You Want to Write

Finally, if writing is the last this the last thing that you feel like doing, the chances are you will struggle and hit writer’s block. Write when you are in the mood and don’t put pressure on yourself to write something just for the sake of it.

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